"…that a little philosophy inclines us away from God, but that depth in philosophy brings men’s minds about to him."

Francis Bacon

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Don’t Go Away
Be Here Now

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"The summer leaves me feeling old and wrong. It’s only in the Autumn where I can take breaths that make me want to take more breaths. This is important. I know that most of the things I am trying to do will end in total failure and disappointment. I know I will have a later life that will be bitter and full of regret. I know that many of the people I worked hard to please will let me down, as I will eventually let them down. I see that no matter what I do, I will always be solitary and somewhat tragic. But I will always enjoy the grey solemn solitude of this season that grows darker and colder, day by day."

Solipsist (Henry Rollins)

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"I’m lonely. What kind of loneliness? Every kind. I feel disconnected. Abandoned. As always. Repetition. So what, my love? So what? At first, I just wanted to run away. Now I have no where else to run to, nothing to run from. I don’t belong anywhere, I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be happy."

Daul Kim

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Kids work together to create eternal recess

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"So struggled beneath its anguish this unhappy soul. Eighteen hundred years before this unfortunate man, the mysterious Being, in whom are aggregated all the sanctities and all the sufferings of humanity, He also, while the olive trees were shivering in the fierce breath of the Infinite, had long put away from his hand the fearful chalice that appeared before him, dripping with shadow and running over with darkness, in the star-filled depths."

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

"Himmelhoch jauchzend, zum Tode betrübt."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I don’t know how to be myself. It’s like I’m permanently outside myself. Like, like you can push your hand straight through me if you wanted to. And I can see the type of man that I wanna be versus the type of man that I actually am and I know that I’m doing it but I’m incapable of doing what needs to be done. I am like Pinocchio. I’m a wooden boy, not a real boy. And it kills me."

The Double (2013), Richard Ayoade
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Every time I pin down what I think I want
it slips away - the ghost slips away.

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James McMurtry & The Heartless Bastards
Lights of Cheyenne
Live in Aught-Three